Visit a religious building in a foreign cultureGeneral Description

Religion plays a major role in the daily life of many societies, and religious beliefs and practices are a significant characteristic of how many people define their identity. So getting a glimpse of their religion might help you understand them slightly better.

For this challenge we want you to go inside a religious building of a culture other than your own and to look around. It’s not necessary to observe or take part in a religious prayer, but you are certainly free to do so.

(Sometimes religion is an intensely personal topic, so if our challenge offends you please understand that our only purpose is to promote the communication and understanding between different cultures. We certainly don’t want to convert anyone or suggest that one religion is better than another one.)

What You’ll Need

  1. Good will and open-mindedness.
  2. Proper clothing.

Steps to Success

  • Learn a bit about the religion which you will be observing.
  • Be quiet, know about what is expected of visitors and act appropriately.
  • In case you want to photograph or make videos, it’s advisable to ask ahead of time.

Take Precaution

  • Dress appropriately: in many cases your legs and shoulders must be covered or you have to leave your shoes outside. Please observe the rules. For example in many Jain temples you are not allowed to wear any leather articles, especially leather belts.
  • In some cases you are not allowed to stay during the prayer. Please respect the wishes of your hosts.

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