Enjoy a sunset from a mountain-topGeneral Description

Mountains are always a great source of inspiration, but almost nothing beats the feeling of you sitting on a mountain-top and watching the sun disappear behind the distant peaks. The higher the mountain, the better. If the air is clean and the sky free of clouds you are up for a magical experience.

What You’ll Need

  1. A mountain to climb.
  2. Clear sky, at least towards the west.
  3. A flashlight or a head-lamp for the way back.
  4. If you can stay nearby, bring your camping equipment. This way you can enjoy the sunrise next morning also, which is even more awesome.

Steps to Success

  • Wait for a nice day with a cloud-free horizon.
  • Know at what time the sun will set.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach the chosen location.

Take Precaution

  • It gets cold quickly in the mountains, so bring a sweater for your return trip.
  • Make sure you know the way back.

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