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Congratulations! The choices you made in our GoPro Buyer’s Guide led you to the GoPro HERO+ cam.

This model is identical to the GoPro HERO+ LCD except for the missing LCD & touch screen on the back. On the exterior the HERO+ looks identical to the GoPro HERO, but it has many improved features.

Other than the missing LCD screen on the back, this camera has the major disadvantage of the camera is being fused to its housing. So you when you run out of juice, instead of popping in a freshly charged battery and rolling on for another 2 hours, you must attach the camera to a charger and wait for the built-in battery to recharge.


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Most Important Specifications:

Announced September, 2015 @ USD 199
Field of View (FOV) Ultra Wide only
Highest Video Specification 1080p60 (up to 2x slow-motion), 720p60 (up to 2x slow-motion)
SuperView only in 720p
Protune (higher quality in post-production)
Auto Low-Light yes
Highest Photo Specification 8 MP @ 5 FPS burst, no continuous shooting
Night photo + Night lapse
Connectivity WiFi + Bluetooth (remote control, remote LCD, phone app, etc.)

Find out all details about this camera on the GoPro official Page.

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