Happy New Year! And a very important post at the start of 2015

Happy New Year! And a very important post at the start of 2015

Dear Reader, we wish you a wonderful 2015 — a year full of health and happiness, great times with friends and family as well as a couple of magical and unforgettable trips!

Even though 1001 Unforgettable Trips is quite new (launched in June of 2014), you probably already know that the main content on this site is descriptions of unforgettable trips which you can easily organize on your own.

Creating content like this is our number one goal, but we have a small problem: we don’t know you very well yet, so we cannot write the perfect content for you.

When we created our company, we also spent a lot of time thinking about our future audience. We even created an imaginary person called Alex to represent this audience. We imagine that Alex has an office job, which no longer feels really fulfilling, so Alex spends a lot of time watching travel documentaries on TV and dreaming about vacation: what it would be like to spend unforgettable days surrounded by nature or visiting remote countries and experiencing foreign cultures first-hand. But Alex is not a big risk-taker, so most vacations up to now were less fulfilling and life-changing than Alex wished them to be.

We’d love to help Alex with detailed trip descriptions, travel tips, equipment tests and much-needed travel inspiration, but first we have to learn more about this imaginary person. And since you (the reader) are a part of Alex, why don’t you take 3-4 minutes and answer the 5 questions below? The more honest and specific you are, the better.

As a thank you for participating in our reader survey we’ll send you our e-book How to best prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip abroad. But you have to hurry up a bit, because the e-book will only be free until the end of January.

A big thank-you to all who have filled out the user survey already — you’ve helped a lot and we really appreciate it!

1. Which statement(s) describe your travel preferences most accurately?

 I travel to well-known locations with existing tourist infrastructure I love unusual locations, but I only go with a group and a tour-guide High-end travel to exotic locations (2000+ USD per week and person) A tour package for a group of friends or family where everything is booked in advance Low budget travel: plan a bit at home and figure out the rest on the road I'm looking for adventure off the beaten path I earn money with my travels (photographer, professional blogger, etc.) Other (please specify in the field below)

2. What are your top difficulties, questions or frustrations when researching for your next destination or planing a trip?

3. What's the ideal format for us to deliver answers or solutions to your question above?

 More trip descriptions More travel challenges More blog posts A user community An audio podcast Video chat with us (e.g via Skype) Other (please specify in the field below)

4. Do you have any other questions, suggestions, concerns or general feedback which would make our page even more helpful to you?

5. Please describe your dream trip: which destination, what do you want to experience there, how do you want to travel, what kind of accommodation are you imagining?

Your Name (optional):

Your Email (optional):

We thank you and to all other readers who've already filled out the user survey -- you’ve helped a lot and we really appreciate it!

Thank you very much for your feedback!

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