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It might sound like a small contribution to the environment, but if everyone on this planet did the same, we’d have more than 7 billion new trees. Now that sounds absolutely significant, doesn’t it?

Trees convert carbon dioxide (the bad stuff) into oxygen (the good stuff), regulate the climate, stabilize the soil, form a natural habitat for insects, birds and other animals, and are essential for our future.

And trees are being cut at an alarming rate, so go out and serve as an example!

What You’ll Need

  1. Buy a small tree from a garden store or . Choose a tree which is native to your area.
  2. A spade for digging the hole.
  3. Some compost.
  4. Somewhere to plant the tree. In first-world countries much of the ground is regulated, so you can’t plant a tree just anywhere. Choose an area where its roots cannot damage any cables or water pipes running underground. (Google “plant a tree” and your hometown, and you will usually get some suggestions.)

Steps to Success

  • Spring is the best season for planting a tree.
  • Dig a hole which is wider and deeper than the size of the root ball. Make the edges of the hole a bit deeper than the middle.
  • Return some of the soil back into the hole forming a “loose pillow” for the roots. Pour some water in the hole.
  • Place the tree together with the soil around its roots into the hole and make sure that it doesn’t sit too high or too deep.
  • Fill the space around the roots with a mixture of soil and compost. Water once or twice during this process.
  • Step a few times over the loose soil with your feet to compress it.
  • Depending on your climate, water your tree every few days until it shows clear signs that it’s feeling OK in its new surroundings.

Take Precaution

  • Other than getting your hands and maybe your clothes dirty there is very little that can go wrong.

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