As used in this privacy policy, a “user” is anyone who has created an online profile on 1001 Unforgettable Trips; a “reader” is anyone else who reads or accesses this webpage.

We collect and store the names and email addresses of readers and users who have requested that we notify them of new or improved features and services. We then use this information for personalizing and sending the notifications. Occasionally we also send special offers and promotions to such readers and users. Readers and users may opt out of such offers by following the opt-out link on any communication or by contacting 1001 Unforgettable Trips directly. Users can also opt out by deselecting the relevant checkboxes in their online profiles.

We collect the name, email address, username, password, year of birth, city and country of residence of any user who creates a user profile. We keep all names, email addresses and passwords confidential, and we do not sell our customer list or customer information to third parties.

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