The quickest, easiest and most intuitive GoPro buyer's guide

Do you want to purchase a GoPro but are you unsure which model is right for you? Are you confused by the similar-looking cameras with non-intuitive names? Or are you interested to see how the all new GoPro HERO4 SessionHERO+ LCD and HERO+ compare to the older models?

Check out our free GoPro Buyer’s Guide below and in 3 minutes or less you’ll know!

What kind of a buyer are you?


We don’t recommend it, but you can also skip the buyer’s guide and simply compare the features of all GoPro models.

What our readers think about the GoPro Buyer’s Guide:

Will S., totally into motor sports, USA:

I’d like to thank you for your GoPro buying guide. I used it, got exactly the one I was thinking about anyway, and clicked into Amazon through your site to buy it. It was very helpful!”

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