Imagine that in a few days you are leaving on a well-deserved vacation abroad…

Wonderful, congratulations! 🙂

Happy and excited you start to pack, but wait a minute…

  • What power plugs do they use over there? Do you need an adapter?
  • Is there danger of malaria or some other diseases? Should you have asked your doctor ahead of time? And are you even covered by your normal health insurance?
  • What kind of money do they actually use over there? And what’s the exchange rate?!

We really don’t want to spoil your mood, but these questions and many others are really important and many should be asked well ahead of your departure.

Some of the topics that you should be thinking of “merely” affect your enjoyment, but many concern your safety. And there is nothing more important to us than to help you have an unforgettable trip and to return home healthy and happy.

The ultimate list of travel questions which makes sure that you’ve thought about everything

After carefully preparing for, entering and exploring the wonders of over 40 countries on all five continents we’ve developed and refined a procedure which prepares us for a safe and enjoyable journey and helps us react optimally 
to virtually any unforeseen event during the trip.


In this e-book we share with you everything we know about travel-safety organized into easy-to-follow preparation steps. We also accompany you with tips and tricks from the time you choose your destination up to the moment when you leave the airport perfectly prepared for exploration and travel adventure.

Enjoy the piece of mind that you’ve done everything in your power to ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable.

Table of Contents

  • Your Safety Comes First
  • 3–4 Months Before the Trip
  • Do you intend to drive during your trip?
  • 3–4 Weeks Before the Trip
  • 3–4 Days Before the Trip
  • Before and During the Flight
  • Visa on Arrival and Immigration
  • Pick up Your Luggage
  • Get Cash
  • Get a Local Prepaid SIM-Card
  • Check the Local Time
  • Downtown Transfer

Who is this e-book for?

The e-book is aimed at beginners, but also at experienced travelers who are planing a longer trip to more challenging or remote areas of our planet.

Purchase the E-Book

How much is it worth it to you to feel safe and secure, knowing that you’ve thought of everything and done whatever you can to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip? To start a journey without worries about “what if…” ?

Our Price: 17 EUR only.


Bonus: Together with your purchase we’ll also send you a document (in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages and Google Docs format) to fill out with all your important personal information. We check the information on this piece of paper before every trip and we have a printed copy in each bag that we are carrying.

This piece of paper may help in various ways during your trip and it might even save your life!

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