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We are Katja and Boji, and getting to know this beautiful planet as best as possible is our passion. We’ve traveled to many well-known attractions, but also to many areas far off the beaten track. We’ve experienced the tremendous power and beauty of nature and the cultural diversity, friendliness and hospitality of many nations.

Chasing northern lights, exploring quirky Asian markets, trekking over sand dunes, camping next to a waterfall, organizing our own safari or climbing to the top of a snow-covered mountain are activities that give us real joy and a lasting sense of personal fulfillment.



CIO (Chief Idea Officer)

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Look for Boji on one of the five continents, far away from the beaten track, surrounded by nature or in contact with the locals. As a he strives to capture every aspect of life in its own unique way.

Boji is an unconventional thinker who believes that there is a solution to every problem.

Personal Motto: “Experience foreign places and cultures up close. Stay curious and open to new ideas. Help people turn their dreams into reality.”

Bojidar photographing Lofoten tripod



CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

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Katja loves to try out new things: be it physical exercises like hiking, diving and surfing, or culinary temptations while traveling. She radiates good mood that resonates with everyone, can cook yummy food out of nothing, and is happy to lend a hand to anyone. Katja also and hardly ever gets bored as “life is just too beautiful.”

Personal Motto: “Fresh air, nature and exercise. Reach out to strangers and cross borders.”

Katja Dolomites climbing via ferrata


Want to get to know us on a more personal level?

Here is a very personal blog post: 13 things you probably don’t know about Katja and Bojidar

Katja and Boji in Bulgaria



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