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Congratulations! The choices you made in our GoPro Buyer’s Guide led you to the GoPro Hero4 Session.

There are several features which make this new cam worthy of your interest:

  • It’s water-proof down to 10 meters without a case
  • Having a new cubic shape and not needing a plastic case, the new cam is smaller and lighter, so it’s easier to position in tiny spaces and there is less drag when used in extreme sport settings
  • It has just one main button, so it’s very easy to use: press the button once to turn on and start recording; press again to stop recording and turn the cam off; press for three seconds to switch between photo and video.
  • Sound is recorded via two high-quality built-in microphones and the cam switches dynamically between the two to avoid wind and other noises as best as it can. Also, because the plastic case of all previous models is missing, the microphones pick up much clearer sound.
  • It’s compatible with all existing mounts.

GoPro HERO4 Session

Unfortunately we have to also mention a few downsides:

  • The battery built-in and non-replaceable, so after recording about 2 hours of video you are forced to pause and recharge.
  • All camera settings as well as image framing and review must be done via the (free) smart-phone app. The Session is also compatible with the (optional) SmartRemote.
  • Many voices on the internet complain about the lack of 2.7K and 4K video recording, but this might not be a big limitation for you.
  • At 400 USD / 430 EUR the camera is quite expensive.


  • Standard edition: contains two mounts well-suited for everyday use: curved mount and flat adhesive mount.
  • Surf edition: contains everything necessary for securing your GoPro onto a surf board: surfboard mount, FCS plug mount, camera tether.

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Most Important Specifications:

Announced July, 2015 @ USD 400
Highest Video Specification 1440p30 (no slow-motion), 1080p60 (optional 2x slow-motion), 720p100 (optional 3.5x slow-motion)
Connectivity WiFi + Bluetooth (remote control, remote LCD, phone app, etc.)
Built-in Display
Case no case (camera waterproof up to 10 meters)
Battery built-in / non-replaceable, 1030mAH
Field of View (FOV) ultra wide, medium
SuperView yes
Protune (higher quality in post-production) video only
Auto Low-Light yes
Highest Photo Specification 8 MP @ 10 FPS burst, no continuous
Night photo / Night lapse
Time Lapse 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds

Find out all details about this camera on the GoPro official Page.

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