1001 Unforgettable Trips is just a few months old and our community is still under development.

But you can start communicating with Katja and Bojidar and with more than 300 other fellow travelers immediately by joining our Facebook group. It’s called , and it’s accessible by invitation only:

As soon as our community forum here is fully functioning you’ll be able to create your own user profile and show the world all the cool travel-related things that you’ve done. You’ll also be able mark trip descriptions and challenges as favorites, upload images or videos of your challenge attempts and share them with our readers.

Others will do the same, and you’ll be able to vote on each-other’s attempts. As soon as an attempt gathers 25 or more votes we count the challenge as successfully completed and list it in your profile. So go ahead and Collect Experiences, Not Things!

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll let you know as soon as the “real” community here is fully working.

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