Real happiness doesn’t come from getting everything you want. It comes from sharing what you have with the people who matter.”

Have you done an exciting trip which you want to share with our audience?

  • Use the form below to briefly describe your idea. Convince us with your words and some images that this trip is something special.
  • If we like your idea we’ll send you a template for the complete trip description and a sample contract. If you agree to our terms, fill out the template and send it to us together with all accompanying images (and optionally audio and video).
  • We will read your complete trip description, and if we decide to publish it, we’ll send you two contracts signed by us. Sign one and send it back to us.
  • Out of your content we’ll prepare a PDF document and put it for sale on our page. You will receive 50% of the profit from all sales of that PDF.


  • You must have done this trip yourself.
  • Each trip must have something special about it: an unusual destination, an unusual experience, an unusual mode of transportation, etc.
  • In the second stage (when filling out the detailed template) you must be willing to describe the trip in enough detail so that travelers with the necessary level of  fitness and experience can easily repeat it.

Tell us briefly about your travel idea

Feel free to pick and match only the best and most exciting parts of your own tour. Ask yourself this: now that you’ve been to this magical place once, how would you organize the trip if you were going back and had only half the time available?

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